Manage Distribution of Your Products

This software aims to automate the work cycle in any company that distributes its products, or receiving products from other companies. The software manages and connects all different departments of a company, including:
1. Warehouses
2. Accounting
3. Distribution
4. Human Resources (Administrative Officer, Drivers, Customer Service)
The software relies on storing data in a database located within a server, which is permanently connected to the internet. This feature allows monitoring, input, and output, at any time from any computer or any mobile device.
Starting each day, each driver or salesperson will know his daily, weekly, monthly schedule.
Through Automanages, a driver will know the client's name and location, he’ll easily find out what products will need to be loaded for delivery from the warehouse, along with the quantity as per the schedule. When he arrives, he will use the Barcode to ensure that the product has been delivered & received by the proper customer. Also, Automanages will adjust the inventory after the product is scanned as shipped.
All remaining products that he might not have been able to ship would be taken back to the warehouse and re-assigned back into inventory.

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Easily Manage Your Company Products with a Variety of Benefits

Clients database
Create a database for clients that can be used for sales purposes, and also monitor Sales performance.
Integrated software
Eliminate any other small software in the company and replace it with integrated software that regulates the procurement and distribution process.
Customer satisfaction + 90%
Increase the customer satisfaction rate by more than 90%, where any request can be sent through a mobile phone, and also follow up on the execution of orders.
Reduce operating cost 50%
Eliminate paper use and errors by replacing it with friendly technology which reduces operating costs by more than 50%.

Wide Variety of Sectors, Industries

How the software works

The software provides an exclusive account for each employee within the company according to his job. Through which, he can carry out his duties accurately. There are four general accounts types utilized by Automanages.
1.Customer Account
To manage the affairs of customers and drivers
The Customer Service Account has access to:
• Customer data
• Customer records
• Customer visits data
• System of sending text messages to customers
2.Warehouse Account
•To manage orders inside and outside the warehouse
•Manage the daily load
•Manage all the contents of the warehouse
•Manage customer purchase orders and deliveries
3.Driver’s Supervisor
•To manage a particular driver group
•Organize daily schedules
•Follow up weekly schedules
•Follow up on customer complaints
•View the distribution map of drivers and their visits to customers
•Organize a load request from the warehouse for delivery
•And more....
4.General Supervisor
•Extensive control over the settings and sections of the software
•Employee Account Control
•Customer Account Control
•Barcode renewal requests
•Purchase orders
•Managing Drivers Accounts
•Control the Map
•And more...

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